Unit 193’s small corner of the internet

Howdy and welcome to my corner. I’m not much into web design, but I help out with a few open source projects so you may find an interesting area on this server.

I maintain a few packages in Debian and I’m active in a few teams there, namely the Xfce team but also Debian Security Tools, Debian Ruby, as well as others. I’m also a Xubuntu developer and Ubuntu MOTU uploader..

Some projects here

  • The Vanir repository, a small collection of new and updated packages. Contact Unit 193 for more information.

  • Xebian, a pre-configured install of Xfce on Debian. You could think of it as Xubuntu but based on Debian.

  • Xubuntu Core ISOs, built off the xubuntu-core task which contains few default applications, are available in the Xubuntu section.

  • Icebox, a custom version of Ubuntu using the Openbox window manager.

    • Note: This project was discontinued in 2017

  • Maybe you thought I actually had something interesting on here, I don’t.


  • Unit193 on irc.libera.chat

  • Unit193 on irc.oftc.net